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Paul Gargagliano, San Francisco Wedding Photographer

Paul Gargagliano, San Francisco Wedding Photographer

My name is Paul Gargagliano.

You might ask, “Then why is your business name Hazel Photo?”

There are two reasons:

The practical one:
because, Gargagliano is a righteous surname, and yet not at all a good business name.

The logical one:
because, I met the love of my life, Adeline, on Hazel Avenue.

For some reason I have loved weddings since I was a kid. That’s the first thing. But thennn… I got married. And that? That is indescribable. So… if you are here because you have met someone special, and you are making moves, CONGRATULATIONS! You are in for an incredible ride.


The artist’s mother

So… my first photos? They were from a wedding! Unfortunately they took the human knee as their subject because I was short, because I was five years old. But I didn’t give up, I was an active photographer throughout my school years. When adolescence got tough (we’ve all been there) photography became my escape to a saner world. With a camera in my hand, adults took me seriously, and strangers engaged me in conversation. My formal studies continued through college where I had the good fortune to study under the visionary photographer, Pipo Nguyen-Duy.

a cute boy wearing a bow tie. Paul Gargagliano, wedding photographer

Plotting greatness at the the kids’ table

One day I brought a camera to a friends’ wedding. I partied. I had a fabulous time. Afterwards I sent them a couple hundred photos. They told me I should have said something, my photos were better than the hired pro. Something clicked. And now, here we find ourselves.



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