Crystal Springs Golf Course Wedding – Pacifica – Catrina and Brandon

Catrina and Brandon were married in the glorious warm light of the waning sun on an early August day at Crystal Springs Golf Course in Burlingame, California. The altar at Crystal Springs overlooks the blue waters of the reservoir in dramatic fashion.


I remember having Catrina and Brandon over for a consultation meeting here in San Francisco about a month before their wedding date. I was struck by how thrilled they were with the pleasures of planning and anticipation.


While I was with Brandon and his wedding party as they got ready in Pacifica, whales kept breeching out in the Pacific Ocean. This was apt as I have heard Brandon wax poetic about sea creatures. Somebody produced a pirate telescope. There’s one photo with emphatic pointing, squinting, Pliny the Elder, and a glass of whiskey that tickles me every time I see it.


Meanwhile, my second, the talented Jen Michelson, was with Catrina as she got into her lovely dress a few miles down the road. Catrina’s wedding party included soooo many cute children, and there are some touching images of them playing all over the house, and being dressed in finery. I especially love the one with the teddy bear flying through the air.


The last thing I want to say about this wedding, is that, just as we were finishing up with the couples portraits at Crystal Springs Reservoir, 3 young bucks pranced by. If you look closely at one of the images, you will see one of the furry friends prancing through the frame.


The very last thing I want to say, is that traffic was uncharacteristically busy that day because of the Dog Surfing Championships.