Boston-proposal-photos-boston-commons-hazelphoto-1Boston Commons Proposal Photos

Joseph and Josephine are Brooklyn born and raised just like yours truly. Josephine had just finished her first year as a school teacher. Little did she know what Joseph had planned. The two had always liked Boston, still a big city, but somehow cleaner and more peaceful than their hometown. They spent much of the beautiful July day strolling through Boston Commons. Joseph had packed a picnic and a blanket. He hadn’t told Josephine he had a special ring in a box burning up his pocket. I had scouted a lovely spot under a willow tree, and told Joseph how he might get Josephine into the best position for the proposal photos. He pulled it off spectacularly! and she received the proposal with calm, joyous open arms. After they had a moment to sit with their brand new engagement, I stepped in, and we had a lovely engagement session walking around Boston Commons. Proposal photos are a tricky business. They are even more nerve-wracking than photographing a wedding, because it all happens in a matter of seconds. But when they come out well, phew, they make me weepy. It was an honor to witness the love these two share.

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