In 2023 I reined things in a bit and capped my weekend wedding bookings at 25 to focus on the arrival of my 2nd son (unpictured) … so by the end of March I was fully booked for the year.

It was a privilege to slow things down and focus on what I love most, human connection, laughter, the decisive moment. Some folks call the photographs I love best, candids, but sometimes I feel like calling an image a candid implies that it is discardable. I feel exactly the opposite. When everything is moving around me, and I tune in to the energy of the moment, and I anticipate what is going to happen next, and I make an image that conveys exactly what it felt like to be on a dance floor on a particularly special evening, I have made something worth saving forever.

In 2023 Wedding work brought me all over the San Francisco Bay Area and a bit beyond: Napa, Sonoma, Mendocino, Marin, San Francisco, Berkeley, Oakland, Santa Clara County, and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

A few highlights from documenting weddings in 2023 included:

(a) An exquisitely designed wedding at Beltane Ranch in Glen Ellen, CA with a cake in the shape of a chicken, a fabulous Beatles cover band, and a host named Wally who was a sheep. It’s always a pleasure to work with visionaries, thank you, Madeline!

(b) A reunion in a redwood grove with one of the most honest, good, and charming families I have ever worked with. I had photographed one sister’s wedding back in 2019, and I had the absolute pleasure of photographing the younger sister’s wedding this past year.

(c) A trip to Philadelphia to photograph the wedding of an old friend I met playing scrabble in my early twenties. The wedding was at the Barnes Foundation, a museum full of Matisse and Picasso. Jackie and his husband, Brian were welcomed to the altar with an aria sung live by Jackie’s cousin, and that, that was heartstopping.

Just a few collaborators: