Road Trip Across the USA Black and White Photos

My wife, Adeline, and I moved from Cambridge, MA to San Francisco, CA in June of 2017. We packed most of our worldly belongings into vaguely ominous padlocked metal boxes, left them under the care of some shipping company in the Boston suburbs, and crossed our fingers that they would be waiting for us when we arrived in the Bay Area 18 days later by road. Yes, by road, thus a road trip across the USA!  This was my first time driving all the way across the USA from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean. If you know me, you know that I had to make it a bit more complicated by flying back East from Denver to photograph a pair of weddings in the middle of our road trip, but I rejoined Adeline in Denver,  and the point is, I’m going with “legitimate cross country road trip” on this one.

I made these black and white photos of our road trip across the USA during the segment that included Boston, Massachusetts, Buffalo, New York, Niagara Falls, New York, Ailsa Craig, Canada, Detroit, Michigan, Dune Acres, Indiana, Lee Center, Illinois, Dubuque, Iowa (more on that later,) Badlands, South Dakota, and Laramie, Wyoming.

When I was growing up, my family wasn’t much for road tripping. To be honest, our vacations that were not built around visiting family, were countable on one hand, nay, one finger. It was a lovely train ride up to Montauk from NYC, and we saw whales spout! I don’t want to mislead you though, our family is far flung, and we certainly had adventures: barefoot photo ops on snowy fields on Mount Ranier, alligator sightings in the Florida Everglades, encounters with bioluminescent algae in Nova Scotia… etc. More road trip photos to come and more stories about childhood family vacations.