Sausalito Woman’s Club Wedding – Deena & Jason

The lovely Alexandrina Owens brought me on as a second for Deena & Jason’s Sausalito Woman’s Club Wedding. Deena and Jason were laid back and overjoyed to be marrying each other. A few highlights: the weather kept changing, with direct sun and fog chasing each other through the valley which made for some exciting, and dynamic portraits. Don’t miss the parental fist pump in the recessional. The Sausalito Woman’s Club is perched on a hill with the most delightful view of the docks and the bay. The building is full of history including an incredible mural in a very tight space, that just has to be seen in person. I had seen a paella that would not fit through my aunt’s door and had to be carried on an angle, but I had never ever seen a paella quite as large as this one. There was a puppy chasing a boy with a cupcake. It’s hard to ask for much more than that.