Fleisher Memorial Wedding Photographer - Birchtree Catering Weddings
Birchtree Catering has been putting on a series of Secret Supper Clubs in Philadelphia. I have had the pleasure of photographing a few of them now. The settings are always gorgeous. The Fleisher Art Memorial sanctuary space has a distinctly medieval feeling to it. The architectural details, the lofted ceilings, the stained glass, the statuary… it’s somehow both cozy and occult, if that’s a thing. I guess I associate the banquet table with the medieval partially because of the last supper (secret last supper?) I mean, the last supper has got to be one of the top ten most recognizable images in the western world. But I digress, Fleisher is a gem of a space, like no other, and what Birchtree Catering did was extra special. There was much gold leaf, and tiny lions, and lots of wine, and a budino, of which praises were sung for many months hence.

The space mixes diminutive gothic church with speakeasy, and comes up with perfect.