Central Square Family Photos

Grasi, Dani, and Otto are new wedding photographer friends who go by the moniker Rocker in Love. They are currently doing a project that has them traveling across the USA in a tour van photographing a wedding in every state. You can check out their map and read about their project here. Hello, North Dakota! Grasi and Dani need your engaged couples.

I was happy to catch them on the Massachusetts leg of their trip. All three are curious, lovely, and energetic people. It was good fun to have them over for a pasta lunch. They humored me when my obsession with cognates reared its head. Dani called our gaggle of basil plants by the sink “a little farm.” I wondered aloud “finchinha?” Dani said, “farminha.” Grasi cracked up. It’s “fazendinha.” I had just baked a batch of homemade granola which Otto much preferred to the spicy pasta and sausage. Grasi never knew that oatmeal and granola came from the same vine. Hilariously, she thanked me for teaching her how to make the “burnt oatmeal!”

When we finished eating, we made sure to have our coffee and biscotti, and only then did we take a stroll through my neighborhood, Central Square, snapping photos of each other. I showed them a lovingly painted art house, the local record store, cheapo records, and a few murals. They showed me their tricked-out tour van.

Come back anytime, friends! Any time!

Check out their pics of me here.


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