Philadelphia Wedding Proposal Photos Woodlands

I met Davey and Lauren in the Poconos when I was taking photographs for Camp Bonfire Real summer camp for adults. A few months later Davey contacted me secretly, and asked if I would photograph his proposal in Philadelphia. I had never photographed a proposal before, and you better believe I felt an adrenaline rush in the lead up to the day. Not quite the crazy rush when I proposed, but something very good, a bit frightening, and very good indeed. Davey and Lauren had spent some of their early dates exploring the lovely winding paths of West Philadelphia’s Woodlands Cemetery, so it was apt that Davey led her there for the proposal. I hid, and waited, and waited, and finally it all unfolded perfectly in a field between the stones. Lauren had no idea I was there until after they had shared the moment, and Davey pointed over at me. Afterwards the three of us explored the grounds and found a few sweet shady spots to take engagement photos. An afternoon to remember, no doubt.


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