Sarah & Chris – COVID Wedding San Francisco

Sarah & Chris were married in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and a historic uprising for racial equality. 

Sarah & Chris were married on a gorgeous, sunny day at their apartment in the Mission District with bright blue skies overhead and wisps of fog off in the distance. 

Sarah & Chris were married on a moody day, dense with fog and magic in a redwood grove in Golden Gate Park. 

All  of these sentences are true. It’s the concept of “Yes/And:” 

Yes, Sarah & Chris, had their plans for a larger wedding upended by the COVID pandemic… and they planned a gorgeous, multi-climate micro COVID wedding anyway. 

It takes a special sort of person, and a special sort of mind to live out the “Yes/And.” Sarah & Chris are both that kind of special person with that special kind of mind. For some, being forced to cancel or reimagine wedding plans due to COVID-19 is primarily felt as a loss. But Sarah & Chris found about a million ways to make their COVID wedding day one of the most meaningful, gorgeous, unforgettable days the two shall ever live. 

The City of San Francisco offered them a virtual wedding ceremony with a virtual officiant on June 19th… so, they said “Yes/And.” Yes to the virtual wedding ceremony (which they were able to share with their families through a Zoom screenshare) and yes to the fact that the day on offer was Juneteenth, a day of protest and celebration for equality and liberation of black people. They would find ways to honor Juneteenth as part of their wedding celebration. 

The day started in Sarah & Chris’ apartment, where they live surrounded by objects imbued with their love and their story: including carefully tended house plants, a web of photographs from their shared adventures, elaborate paper masks, homemade sourdough bread, and a glossy magazine that Sarah made as part of their mutual marriage proposal. After the official ceremony with the City of San Francisco, sealed with a ring exchange and a kiss, they shared personal vows in front of their family on Zoom. They placed leis over each other’s heads and toasted with champagne.

We made  a few portraits in their apartment and on the roof deck, then headed downstairs, where a bike trailer packed with wedding reception fixings lay in wait. On the bike ride to Golden Gate Park, they wore placards that read (small print) “Just Married” and (large print) “Black Lives Matter.” We biked the Wiggle with sweet passersby cheering and honking in support and celebration.

When we arrived in Golden Gate Park we made some portraits at the Music Concourse, the Rose Garden, and the Redwood Grove, where we met up with a few of the couple’s closest friends. There, they hosted a socially-distant wedding reception with well-spaced group portraits, more celebratory signs, and a socially distant dance party.

If you’ve made it this far reading this post, you too can say Yes/And: Yes, we can enjoy witnessing Sarah & Chris’ expression of love — And we can honor them by joining the struggle for racial justice and equality. Breonna Taylor’s killers walk free. You can find resources for action here, here and here.

Camp Navarro Wedding Mendocino – Johanna & Phil

The beauty of Johanna & Phil’s wedding at Camp Navarro in Mendocino, California was overwhelming. There were meaningful flourishes sewn into every aspect of the weekend. So I’m going to split this wedding up into two posts. It’s just entirely too epic for one! 

The delights started before I arrived at Camp Navarro. As we descended on Mendocino County from far flung burgs, wedding guests were treated to a downloadable wedding podcast hosted by the bride and groom. There was an interview with the flower girl, an analysis of the distinction between genres of brokenbeat music, interviews with the parents, and advertisements for camp-style activities all set to the theme music from This American Life, Serial, et al. I laughed and laughed as I drove north.

Camp Navarro is nestled in a remote redwood forest, a few hours North of San Francisco. When you arrive, the smell, the light, and the feeling of the air in your lungs makes the rest of the workaday world fall away.

I started with Johanna and her bridesmaids, where I was treated to a sneak peek of her fabulous dress: a marigold to white ombre theme by Leanne Marshall. Once she had slipped the dress on, she looked as if she had walked out of a Helen Frankenthaler painting.

Sitting on the table in the getting ready cabin was a printout of Johanna & Phil’s initial text exchanges. At the center of these exchanges was their connection around Johanna’s expertise as a midwife and Phil’s desire to be a Birth DJ. As the romance unfolded through these messages, it became clear how funny each of them were, and how well matched to each other.

One of my favorite frames from the day came as we were readying to head over to the first look. The ring bearer hopped on the back of a bicycle and was pedaled across camp.

After the first look, they had a ketubah signing before heading over to chuppah. One of Johanna’s friends did all of the florals. I particularly loved the sunflowers on the chuppah that matched Johanna’s dress.

The officiant, a close friend of the couple, wore an exuberant rainbow shawl that tied together the colorful bridesmaids dresses.

During the ceremony, when the officiant asked the assembled guests if there were any objections to the marriage, a planted objector jumped up and spoke about some of the limits of marriage as we now, and have historically, practiced the convention. Johanna and Phil both addressed their vows to the objector, and to each other. This emotional ritual allowed Johanna and Phil to acknowledge the flaws of the institution of marriage, while defending their own decision to express their love through marriage.

And this was only the beginning… the party also had myriad fabulous chapters…

Click here for part 2

Click here for part 2

Venue : Camp Navarro
Photographer : Paul Gargagliano – Hazelphoto
Wedding dress : Leanne Marshall
Suit : Knot Standard
Florist : Morgan Johnson
Wedding planner : Sonya Houston – Mendocino Wedding
Hair and makeup : Jordyn Condit- Mendo Bridal Beauty
DJ and/or band : Ashleyanne
Cake : Shani’s Sweet Creations
Catering : Camp Navarro
Invitations: Minted
Officiant : Ilyse Magy

Temescal Beach House Wedding Alx & Chris

Temescal Beach House Wedding Alx & Chris

Alx & Chris had a lovely intimate wedding at the Temescal Beach House up in the hills of Oakland, CA. From the moment I met Alx she had a crystal clear vision of what she wanted on her wedding day. For the photos she wanted to have a formal photo with every guest. We were going for the simplicity of the wedding photos from the 1930s. Alx brought a cowhide rug, a vintage theater bench, and a couple assorted chairs. Those few items made styling the group portraits fun and easy. It did not hurt that the two had such fashionable wedding guests. Alx and Chris had done a lot of thinking about the parts of a traditional wedding ceremony that they appreciate, and the parts that they wanted to change. After Alx and Chris read personal vows to each other, they had their assembled guests read a communal vow. I was inspired by that turn!


Green Building Wedding Photographer Brooklyn

Green Building Wedding Photographer Brooklyn

Rachel & Bill were married at the Green Building in Brooklyn. The ceremony was held outside in the courtyard under a chuppah. It is far and away one of the most colorful weddings I have photographed. Dinner and dancing took place in the wonderful lofted distressed brick space of the Green Building. We took portraits nearby on the Union Street Bridge.

Green-Building-Wedding-Photographer-Brooklyn-Hazelphoto-1 Green-Building-Wedding-Photographer-Brooklyn-Hazelphoto-2 Green-Building-Wedding-Photographer-Brooklyn-Hazelphoto-3 Green-Building-Wedding-Photographer-Brooklyn-Hazelphoto-4 Green-Building-Wedding-Photographer-Brooklyn-Hazelphoto-5 Green-Building-Wedding-Photographer-Brooklyn-Hazelphoto-6 Green-Building-Wedding-Photographer-Brooklyn-Hazelphoto-7 Green-Building-Wedding-Photographer-Brooklyn-Hazelphoto-8 Green-Building-Wedding-Photographer-Brooklyn-Hazelphoto-10 Green-Building-Wedding-Photographer-Brooklyn-Hazelphoto-11 Green-Building-Wedding-Photographer-Brooklyn-Hazelphoto-12 Green-Building-Wedding-Photographer-Brooklyn-Hazelphoto-13 Green-Building-Wedding-Photographer-Brooklyn-Hazelphoto-15 Green-Building-Wedding-Photographer-Brooklyn-Hazelphoto-17 Green-Building-Wedding-Photographer-Brooklyn-Hazelphoto-18 Green-Building-Wedding-Photographer-Brooklyn-Hazelphoto-19 Green-Building-Wedding-Photographer-Brooklyn-Hazelphoto-20 Green-Building-Wedding-Photographer-Brooklyn-Hazelphoto-22 Green-Building-Wedding-Photographer-Brooklyn-Hazelphoto-24 Green-Building-Wedding-Photographer-Brooklyn-Hazelphoto-25 Green-Building-Wedding-Photographer-Brooklyn-Hazelphoto-26 Green-Building-Wedding-Photographer-Brooklyn-Hazelphoto-27 Green-Building-Wedding-Photographer-Brooklyn-Hazelphoto-28 Green-Building-Wedding-Photographer-Brooklyn-Hazelphoto-29 Green-Building-Wedding-Photographer-Brooklyn-Hazelphoto-30 Green-Building-Wedding-Photographer-Brooklyn-Hazelphoto-31 Green-Building-Wedding-Photographer-Brooklyn-Hazelphoto-32 Green-Building-Wedding-Photographer-Brooklyn-Hazelphoto-33 Green-Building-Wedding-Photographer-Brooklyn-Hazelphoto-34 Green-Building-Wedding-Photographer-Brooklyn-Hazelphoto-36 Green-Building-Wedding-Photographer-Brooklyn-Hazelphoto-37 Green-Building-Wedding-Photographer-Brooklyn-Hazelphoto-38 Green-Building-Wedding-Photographer-Brooklyn-Hazelphoto-41 Green-Building-Wedding-Photographer-Brooklyn-Hazelphoto-42 Green-Building-Wedding-Photographer-Brooklyn-Hazelphoto-43 Green-Building-Wedding-Photographer-Brooklyn-Hazelphoto-44 Green-Building-Wedding-Photographer-Brooklyn-Hazelphoto-46 Green-Building-Wedding-Photographer-Brooklyn-Hazelphoto-47 Green-Building-Wedding-Photographer-Brooklyn-Hazelphoto-48 Green-Building-Wedding-Photographer-Brooklyn-Hazelphoto-49 Green-Building-Wedding-Photographer-Brooklyn-Hazelphoto-51 Green-Building-Wedding-Photographer-Brooklyn-Hazelphoto-52 Green-Building-Wedding-Photographer-Brooklyn-Hazelphoto-53

Green-Building-Wedding-Photographer-Brooklyn-Hazelphoto-55 Green-Building-Wedding-Photographer-Brooklyn-Hazelphoto-56 Green-Building-Wedding-Photographer-Brooklyn-Hazelphoto-57 Green-Building-Wedding-Photographer-Brooklyn-Hazelphoto-60 Green-Building-Wedding-Photographer-Brooklyn-Hazelphoto-61 Green-Building-Wedding-Photographer-Brooklyn-Hazelphoto-62 Green-Building-Wedding-Photographer-Brooklyn-Hazelphoto-63 Green-Building-Wedding-Photographer-Brooklyn-Hazelphoto-64 Green-Building-Wedding-Photographer-Brooklyn-Hazelphoto-65 Green-Building-Wedding-Photographer-Brooklyn-Hazelphoto-67 Green-Building-Wedding-Photographer-Brooklyn-Hazelphoto-68 Green-Building-Wedding-Photographer-Brooklyn-Hazelphoto-70 Green-Building-Wedding-Photographer-Brooklyn-Hazelphoto-72 Green-Building-Wedding-Photographer-Brooklyn-Hazelphoto-73 Green-Building-Wedding-Photographer-Brooklyn-Hazelphoto-74 Green-Building-Wedding-Photographer-Brooklyn-Hazelphoto-76 Green-Building-Wedding-Photographer-Brooklyn-Hazelphoto-77 Green-Building-Wedding-Photographer-Brooklyn-Hazelphoto-79 Green-Building-Wedding-Photographer-Brooklyn-Hazelphoto-80 Green-Building-Wedding-Photographer-Brooklyn-Hazelphoto-81 Green-Building-Wedding-Photographer-Brooklyn-Hazelphoto-82 Green-Building-Wedding-Photographer-Brooklyn-Hazelphoto-83 Green-Building-Wedding-Photographer-Brooklyn-Hazelphoto-85 Green-Building-Wedding-Photographer-Brooklyn-Hazelphoto-86 Green-Building-Wedding-Photographer-Brooklyn-Hazelphoto-88 Green-Building-Wedding-Photographer-Brooklyn-Hazelphoto-89 Green-Building-Wedding-Photographer-Brooklyn-Hazelphoto-90 Green-Building-Wedding-Photographer-Brooklyn-Hazelphoto-91 Green-Building-Wedding-Photographer-Brooklyn-Hazelphoto-92 Green-Building-Wedding-Photographer-Brooklyn-Hazelphoto-94 Green-Building-Wedding-Photographer-Brooklyn-Hazelphoto-95 Green-Building-Wedding-Photographer-Brooklyn-Hazelphoto-96 Green-Building-Wedding-Photographer-Brooklyn-Hazelphoto-97 Green-Building-Wedding-Photographer-Brooklyn-Hazelphoto-98 Green-Building-Wedding-Photographer-Brooklyn-Hazelphoto-99 Green-Building-Wedding-Photographer-Brooklyn-Hazelphoto-100 Green-Building-Wedding-Photographer-Brooklyn-Hazelphoto-101 Green-Building-Wedding-Photographer-Brooklyn-Hazelphoto-102 Green-Building-Wedding-Photographer-Brooklyn-Hazelphoto-103 Green-Building-Wedding-Photographer-Brooklyn-Hazelphoto-104 Green-Building-Wedding-Photographer-Brooklyn-Hazelphoto-105 Green-Building-Wedding-Photographer-Brooklyn-Hazelphoto-106 Green-Building-Wedding-Photographer-Brooklyn-Hazelphoto-108 Green-Building-Wedding-Photographer-Brooklyn-Hazelphoto-110 Green-Building-Wedding-Photographer-Brooklyn-Hazelphoto-111 Green-Building-Wedding-Photographer-Brooklyn-Hazelphoto-112 Green-Building-Wedding-Photographer-Brooklyn-Hazelphoto-114 Green-Building-Wedding-Photographer-Brooklyn-Hazelphoto-115 Green-Building-Wedding-Photographer-Brooklyn-Hazelphoto-117 Green-Building-Wedding-Photographer-Brooklyn-Hazelphoto-118 Green-Building-Wedding-Photographer-Brooklyn-Hazelphoto-119 Green-Building-Wedding-Photographer-Brooklyn-Hazelphoto-120 Green-Building-Wedding-Photographer-Brooklyn-Hazelphoto-123 Green-Building-Wedding-Photographer-Brooklyn-Hazelphoto-125 Green-Building-Wedding-Photographer-Brooklyn-Hazelphoto-126 Green-Building-Wedding-Photographer-Brooklyn-Hazelphoto-127 Green-Building-Wedding-Photographer-Brooklyn-Hazelphoto-128 Green-Building-Wedding-Photographer-Brooklyn-Hazelphoto-129 Green-Building-Wedding-Photographer-Brooklyn-Hazelphoto-130 Green-Building-Wedding-Photographer-Brooklyn-Hazelphoto-131 Green-Building-Wedding-Photographer-Brooklyn-Hazelphoto-132 Green-Building-Wedding-Photographer-Brooklyn-Hazelphoto-133 Green-Building-Wedding-Photographer-Brooklyn-Hazelphoto-134 Green-Building-Wedding-Photographer-Brooklyn-Hazelphoto-135 Green-Building-Wedding-Photographer-Brooklyn-Hazelphoto-136 Green-Building-Wedding-Photographer-Brooklyn-Hazelphoto-137 Green-Building-Wedding-Photographer-Brooklyn-Hazelphoto-138 Green-Building-Wedding-Photographer-Brooklyn-Hazelphoto-139

Venue | Green Building Brooklyn

Day of Coordination | Color Pop Events

Catering | Arrogant Swine

Flowers | Blomma Flicka 

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